Shrink Ray

Shrink Ray (1.16) Add-On

Shrink Ray

Want to shrink everything from trees to houses? Well this is the addon for you! Simply shoot the shrink ray at any target and it will shrink into a 7^3 area. All you have to do is apply the behavior pack and you’re good to go.

To shrink an area, you have to shoot the shrink ray at what you want to shrink. Wait about 5-10 seconds for it to completely finish. Multiplayer compatible. **Works about 90% of the time**

Works on most blocks.

Do not shoot multiple shrink rays at the same time!

Do not have enchantments on the shrink ray!

These things can get really laggy if you spawn too many. Do ‘/function delete’ to kill all shrunken things.

Do ‘/function HELP’ if you need help.

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