Settings Overlay UI Pack

Settings Overlay UI Pack (1.18 , 1.19) Texture

Settings Overlay UI Pack

Created By real_tlgm

The Ty-el’s Settings Overlay UI Pack is an UI treatment pack for Vanilla UI, unlike normal, this pack adds some magical screen properties to in-game Settings Screen to get Camera Perspective toggle on HUD (YES!) and instant Settings button! Pack only works for devices having Touch Capabilities, and compatible with many other UI packs too!

– IMPORTANT! If you are playing on version 1.18.30 or newer, you will need to change your game Touch Control Schemes’ Interaction Model to Classic, if not, this pack will be unusable.

– This pack is made only for devices with Touch capabilities, it can be on your phone, tablet, or on PC but supports Touch, etc.

How to use?
Usage is very easy! Make sure you are in a world, and tap the Pause button to open Pause Screen.

Then tap on Enable Settings Overlay button. (it could be Settings or Options, depending on your top most packs)

The toast “Settings Overlay enabled successfully!” will pop up and 3 new buttons will show up on the top of the screen.

The first button at the left most is Camera Perspective toggle! You can freely change your person perspective when playing!

The second button near the right most having gear icon is Settings button. You can modify world settings, game settings there. This is called instant Settings!

The last button having the “x” icon is Quit Settings button, which remove Settings Overlay, back to normal gameplay and bring you back automatically to Pause Screen. This button is mainly for troubleshooting UI issues, like screen duplications when you open Settings Overlay many times.

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