Rusty's RAFT Survival

Rusty’s RAFT Survival (1.19) Map

Rusty’s RAFT Survival

Created By RustyGaming321

You are the sole Survivor/s of Flight 34r7. Your Goal is To Survive out at Sea, Expand Your Raft and Beat The Game. Can You Survive 100 Days?
Raft Is just like Skyblock but you are Surrounded by the Ocean…

*You need to Survive with Limited Resources and Expand Your Raft

*Do not forget to Drink water(Staying hydrated, both irl and in game, is needed for survival)

*Stay warm but not too warm!..
When you get too warm go for a swim and when you get too cold stand near a campfire…

Buy cool things with in game coins!
Earn coins by playing the game and trading with traders or in the shop..Use it to buy blocks to expand your raft or get cool items!…

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