Rooms 2: E.Y.E. Is WaiTing

Rooms 2: E.Y.E. Is WaiTing (1.16) Map

Rooms 2: E.Y.E. Is WaiTing

In each room you will be faced with an obstacle course which you need to complete. There are 18 rooms in total which need to be completed before you can claim victory (and hopefully be let out). Special blocks can be found all over the map which will give you different effects. Sometimes they will be to your benefit (e.g. a speed boost) but other times they can actually cause you harm (e.g. blindness). It’s a really challenging parkour map which makes great use of command blocks and parkour obstacles.

Creator: Fizzman797
How to play?
This map includes 18 different rooms and in each one you have to complete a challenging parkour courses. There are multiple different concrete blocks which give special effects such as boosted speed but also sometimes disadvantages such as blindness. It’s a very challenging parkour map which gets gradually more difficult as you complete more levels.

Here is a list of concrete blocks and their effects:

Gray Concrete: Neutral
Blue Concrete: Speed
Brown Concrete: Slowness
Green Concrete: Jump Boost
Black Concrete: Blindness

E.Y.E. thanks you for waiting. E.Y.E. has created a bunch of rooms with new challenges for you to complete. E.Y.E. might let you free but first you need to complete the 18 different rooms. E.Y.E. knows you don’t want that. It knows how much you love the rooms. Do remember, E.Y.E. is watching.. E.Y.E. is WaiTing.

Difficulty: Peaceful
Gamemode: Adventure
Stay within the room limits

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