Rage Decor

Rage Decor (1.16) Add-On

Rage Decor

A new, fully survival friendly furniture add-on. Rage decor will add 41 new furniture items to your minecraft world, including a custom recipe book.

How does the addon work?
Creative mode:
All furniture items will display in the creative menu. Simply search “rage decor” to see all available furniture that the addon offers.

Survival mode:
There are 2 ways to obtain furniture; Buying them from laptop or crafting them in crafting bench.
The how to play screen has been transformed into a recipe book for this addon. Browse threw the tabs to select the crafting recipe you want.

How to craft furniture:
You first need to craft the blueprint of the furniture piece you want in a crafting table. Check the recipe book on the top side next to the close marker in the crafting menu.
Once you crafted the blueprint, then you need a workstation to convert it into furniture.

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