Pokémod (1.12 , 1.14 , 1.16 , 1.16 Beta , 1.17 , 1.18) Map


Created By BeBlock

Compete with your friends in this 100% redstone mini-game! Or explore the map and discover all the Pokémon that are there

– A 100% redstone minigame playable with 2 players.
– A customizable Pokémon village
– An exciting Pokémon environment
– An arena to battle your friends with the Pokémod!

Additional information:
– The machine takes into account the types (weaknesses and resistances) of the pokémon.
– The controllers contain 2 buttons: a classic attack that inflicts 3 points of damage and that has 25% of being dodged and a special attack that inflicts 1 point of damage on the resistant type, 2 points of damage on the neutral types and 5 points of damage on the weak type.
– Type of display on the redstone screen: 1 pixel.
– A locking system to avoid double attacks
– A manual scoring system to count points
– If you want to fly over the map, go to the top of the Ho-Oh tower !

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