Pokemetels Wizardry

Pokemetels Wizardry (1.16) Add-On

Pokemetels Wizardry

By Pokemetel
This addon is about wizardry “magic”, you can find spell books, learn spells, craft diffrent wands, get wand attachments such as quartz or amethyst and more, it will also have over 50 spells.

If you where playing in Survival you would start off by getting sheers. You then would get a leaf block using the sheers. Then make a wood carver craft the carver with the leaf block to get your stick. Craft the carver agian with the stick to get your wand. Then you want to get mythic dust by finding mythic flowers or ore havint decided yet. You will take a book and the dust craft them together to get your first spell. Mythic dart it’s a weak common spell.

To cast spells you use your wand to get purple arrows named next and back. Use these arrows to cycle your spells, when you have cycled to the spell you want to use. Use your wand to activate your spell some spells are constant which means you will need to re use your wand to de activate your spell.

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