Player Sizes Editer

Player Sizes Editer (1.16) Add-On

Player Sizes Editer

You can change player size! Get Reduce and Expand and click anywhere or use them.(in scoreboard mode)

This will adjust the player allocation score of the “scale” on the scoreboard.

The tags that adjust the score and scale of the scale scoreboard correspond.

Currently, I am trying to create a function that allows me to change my gaze when I resize it. There are many problems with this function, so I can’t use it yet, but I will try my best to develop it

If you don’t want to resize through the scoreboard, you can use Tag mode

Then you can adjust the scale with tags.

scaleP:expand(scoreboard mode)
scaleP:reduce(scoreboard mode)

To get these items, you have to use the command below.

/give @s scaleP:reduce
/give @s scaleP:expand
/function give_item

hold expand or reduce and use or touch

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