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Play Among US

Have you ever wanted to play Among us in Minecraft Bedrock Edition? With this great map you can enjoy this game on the MCPE plataform! This Minecraft map is an exact copy of the map “The shield” from the game Among us, it has measurements very similar to those of the real map. This map contains exactly each of the rooms, these rooms were tried to recreate with the current Minecraft blocks and objects, so they may not be identical, but they are similar.

1. First you will appear in the lobby, in the lobby you will have chests with maps in case you need them, You will also find the part of the credits and the instructions in case you like to read them again, it is advisable to play with more people

2. Just press the plates to start

3. Everyone when teleporting by pressing the plates, they will get a key, with this key when dying you will leave a grave so that the other crew members can see that someone died Thanks to pammsitoh for authorizing me to use her add-on my map, for the installation of the add-on don’t worry, when installing the map, the add-on will install itself.

4. When pressing the pressure plates apart from teleporting and granting you the key, it will randomly give a FLINT AND STEEL, only one person will have it and the person who has the lighter will be the IMPOSTOR, With this flint and steel the impostor will be able to discreetly kill the crew

5. To call emergency just press the pressure plates that are in the center of the cafeteria, when you do this everyone will be taken to the voting room

6. Through the chat everyone will agree who the impostor is, whoever they decide must be killed with the swords that are in the chests. just use the swords for this, don’t take them to the game
If the suspect drops the lighter when he dies, it means that the crew won, if he does not drop it, the game must continue

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