Optifine RK

Optifine RK (1.16 , 1.17 , 1.18) Shader

Optifine RK

Created By PhantomGraphics

The OptiFine RK is a client inspired by the Java Edition OptiFine.

It modifies and / or removes unnecessary game features such as particles and animations in order to increase game performance as much as possible.

– Add F1 Button
– Add quick crafting button.
– Add back, forward and tab buttons to chat.
– Organize game settings.
– Add glass panels to the doors.
– Makes the spyglass interface transparent.
– Makes pumpkin interface transparent.

Optimization methods:
– Delete particles.
– Delete seagrass texture.
– Delete tallgrass textures.
– Remove animations.
– Reduces the quality of distance vision.
– Ignore the texture of the water and make it a flat color.
– Add gradient in the transparency of the water from a distance.
– Add more fog.
– Optimize entities.
-Optimize the default shaders.

– Client Styles (Pocket, Java and Clear java)
– Pixel limitator (8, 4 and 1 pixels)
– Render Distance Limiter (5~1 chunks)
– Extreme limitations (Optimize entities, terrain and sky)

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