Nightmare Difficulty Mobs

Nightmare Difficulty Mobs (1.16) Map

Nightmare Difficulty Mobs

This is a command block map which gives several of the mobs in-game some new abilities which will greatly increase their difficulty. It’s a really cool and unique map which explores some of the new possibilities with command blocks for mobs specifically. The map provides a great source of inspiration which you can use for building adventure maps and alike.

Creator: Rayzuto

How does it work?
Make sure to turn on the machine by pressing one of the buttons on one of the walls of the machine. If you are experiencing a lot of lag at any point while using the machine then you can press the OFF button to kill all processes.

Once you’ve turned on the machine and selected one of the mobs on the other wall (e.g. slime) then you can start by spawning a mob.

Each mob has a unique set of additional powers which greatly increases its ability to cause damage. For example, slimes will jump much higher and also leave a trail of slime blocks in its path.

Husks wear a full diamond armor and they are also equipped with a sword. And as if that wasn’t enough they also surround themselves with a ring of lava.

Spiders spawn a bunch of cobweb around them which might accidentally get you trapped.

There are bunch of other mobs which also have special abilities but those I will let you explore by yourself in-game!

Important: This map is limited to beta users only.

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