Nether Skyblock

Nether Skyblock (1.16) Map

Nether Skyblock

By Sunbun1232
You Spawn in the OverWorld in a Small room with a nether Portal and a Simple Guide.

Once you go through the Portal, the portal will be Vanished and your Spawnpoint will be set in the nether so you can’t go back to the Overworld except when you are going to the End.

Explore all the Islands and Collect the Loot. Use your Resources carefully as they are Limited. Make a Basalt Generator for the End Dragon Battle.

In the Fortress, there are 5 floors which have some Mob Spawners and some Loot. Kill Hoglins for Food. Barter with Piglins for Essentials. Kill Blazes for Blaze rods. Defeat Magma Cubes for Awesome Loot at the bottom of the Tower.

The main Goal of this Map is to Beat the Ender Dragon and the Wither Boss (optional).

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