Mystica Crops

Mystica Crops (1.16) Add-On

Mystica Crops

*All experimental mode must be turned on in the world.
1)The Ore Plants. These plants drop items depending on what type of ore plant it is coal, iron, gold, diamond, netherite, lapis, emerald, or redstone. These plants can only be planted of tilted soil just like a normal crop. Breaking these plants will not drop anything so be careful.

2)The Harvester Golem
The Harvester Golem is an essential part of automating your ore plant farm. In order to spawn a Harvester Golem you would need to craft a Golem’s Pearl.
Once summoned you would need to interact with the golem and choose a mode you like.

Golem Modes:
Harvest Mode: Will harvest the nearest fully grown ore plant.
Stay Mode: It will not do anything.
Go Home: It will go to the nearest Harvester Station.
Pick up: It would suck up the nearest items.
Stop pick up: It would not suck up item. Be careful turning this on it would empty its inventory
Auto Mode: A combine harvest and home mode after a certain amount of time it would harvest ore plants and after would go to the harvester station.
There is no way to access its inventory but you can hopper the items out of the golem.

3)The Harvester Station
This is another essential part of automation this is where the golems go when going home.

As you can see there are white carpets on each side of the station under those carpets are hoppers.

Harvester Golems would stand on top of those carpets and the hoppers would suck the items out.

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