Mr. Meat

Mr. Meat (1.18) Map

Mr. Meat

Created By MCPE Maps Studio

This is a horror map, in it you have to find out the secret of Mister Meat and save the girl! Look for clues, solve puzzles! Will you be able to find out the secret and save Alelia? Good luck! ATTENTION! THIS IS THE BETA VERSION OF THE MAP, HERE COULD BE BUGS, DEFECTS, ETC…

The zombie plague arrived to your neighborhood! Your neighbor, the butcher, is a zombie hungry of blood. He has no soul and only wants kill, to have blood and fresh meat to eat. He has become a serial killer and his house in a mix between a haunted house and a prison. This creepy zombie, known as Mr. Meat, is a serious criminal case. His new hostage? A girl. She is locked in this prison house that seems a haunted house. Death is after her, your scary zombie neighbor is going to slay her…if nobody avoid it. Your mission is rescue her and save her life!

How to do it in this horror game adventure?
★ The walking dead can hear your moves, use this to your advantage and hide to mislead him. If their eyes catch you, he’ll try to kill you!
★ Solve puzzles to rescue the girl alive from the house of the serial killer.
★ Use the gun and be a sniper! Be the zombie catcher that this game needs! Action is guaranteed!
★ Enjoy excellent ambiental sounds and graphics during your jail break!

If you want a realistic, creepy and scary sniper, zombie catcher experience, play now ‘Mr Meat: Horror Escape Room’. Action, blood and fear assured!

Headphones are recommended for a full experience against the walking dead neighbor.

In each update new content will be available to solve this criminal case. We are open to suggestions by email or in the review section!

Mr. Meat In Bedrock Edition. Map creators: Gosha 29 :D, Not Not 136, AnImEsHni. KA And Mat Rix. The map is made for a mobile horror game!

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