More Golems

More Golems (1.16) Add-On

More Golems

⚠️Make sure you turn on experimental gameplay before playing!

Yes v2 is finally here! This added 6 more golems and more features are added! Tamable golem has now been added! (Can be tamable with apple)! Added the most overpowered golem! And alot more!

Mega Golem:
-500 health
-10x larger than the lava golem
-Has a bossbar
-Almost as strong as the corrupted golem

Fire Golem:
-140 health
-Gets hurt when getting wet
-Has a 6% of chance spawning in deep depths of lava pool

Brick Golem:
-125 health
-Only has a 4% of change spawning in temples
-0.3x stronger than a regular golem

Metal Golem:
-195 health
-Almost strong as diamond golem
-Stonger version of an regular golem
-Can only be spawn in very very far away lands (Only has a 1% of this to spawn)

Lava Golem:
-550 health
-Almost overpowered as the corrupted golem
-Does get hurt when getting wet
-Also has a change of 1% spawning in the nether (Extremely rare)

Emerald Golem :
-150 health
-1x stronger than a regular golem
-Has a change of 0.00.1% spawning in villages (Super rare)

Ice Golem:
135 health:
-0.6x stronger than a regular golem
-Kills fire and lava golem
-Only has a 0.001% change of this golem spawning in ice biomes (Very rare)

Golden Golem:
50 healths:
-Less weaker than a regular golem
-Drops 4 Gold ingots

Diamond Golem:
Health: 200
-2x Strength and lives
-Drops 4 diamonds
-Much stronger than a regular iron golem

You must kill the mega golem to obtain the mega crystal! Mega golem drops 4 mega crystals (Can be used to craft mega sword) It’s gonna require 4 mega crystal, 3 diamond block and one blue glazed terracotta

Corrupted golem:
-Can teleport to it’s target
-Very overpowered and almost undeafeatable!
-Can kill you in one hit
-Has over hundreds of health

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