More Bosses

More Bosses (1.14 , 1.16) Add-On

More Bosses

This addon you will add new bosses to your world with different challenges and strengths, so take your sword and go on an adventure. The plugin adds 6 new creatures to minecraft:

He is believed to be the largest and strongest of his race.
He carries with him his big spiked maso with which he can rip your head off with one blow.
As a king, he is never alone, because he is accompanied by his minions who will defend him against any enemy.

Willing to protect her eggs, she would give each leg to protect her nest, the spider queen so smart with ferocious she has an attack of 40 points of life and has 1000 points of life, she generates poisonous spider eggs every 40 seconds, so it will not be easy to kill her.

From the deepest bowels of hell comes the king of demons, the lord of hell. He along with his most skillful minions will be the greatest challenge for you.

The fiercest beast you can find, with its great acha and its great strength it could break you in half, it has 1000 life points and per attack it does 30 damage.

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