More Body Actions

More Body Actions (1.19) Texture

More Body Actions

Created By sirob

*☐ This addon uses player.json and is not compatible with other addons that also use it

☐ Your Minecraft version type is “release” and version 1.19.60 or higher. Only release versions are supported, in beta versions addon was not tested, and its correct work is not guaranteed!

☐ Enable these experiments: “Beta APIs”, “Holiday Creator Features”, “MoLang Features”

Have you ever wanted to sit down, lie down or crawl? With this addon, you can do it without any commands, right in survival! You can also crawl into 1 block! It also works in multiplayer!

Just enter this command /function morebodyactions_config

And you will open the settings window for this addon.

To sit down, just look as far down as possible and sneak

To lie down, just look as far up as possible and sneak

To start crawling on all fours, first sit down and then just walk forward.

To start crawling normally, jump while crawling on all fours. Jump again to get back on all fours.

To get up, just press sneak

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