Minegames 3.1

Minegames 3.1 (1.16 , 1.17 , 1.18) Map

Minegames 3.1

Play with your friends in fun and engaging minigames in Minegames 3! There are 7 minigames, each built with it’s own unique gameplay and experiences! Each minigame was made to give the player the best experience possible!

1)The Bridge is a fast paced 2 team PvP minigame! Your objective is to cross the bridge, try reach the other team’s base, and jump in their goal, which will score you a point! First to 5 points wins!

2)Kitted FFA is another PvP game but this one is an all against all minigame!

3)Knockoff contains PvP but has mildly less of it. In Knockoff, you’ll be placed on some floating platforms above the void.

4)Playground is a chill minigame. Everyone is placed in the Playground area, and here, you can do whatever you want. You could do parkour. You could have a fight with your friends. You could do archery practice

5)Duels is a, simple to understand, minigame. There are two teams, and both teams get given gear in order to battle out to be the last team standing.

6)Hide N Seek is just as you’d expect. There is one seeker, and everyone else is a hider. The seeker has to hit a hider once for them to become a seeker as well.

7)Skywars is similar to what you may have seen before. You (and your team) spawn on a sky-island with several chests with randomized loot in them. You goal is to be the last team standing

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