Minecraft Dungeons Artifacts

Minecraft Dungeons Artifacts (1.16) Add-On

Minecraft Dungeons Artifacts

This addon adds 16 artifacts from Minecraft Dungeons, most of them are functional. None of the artifacts are craftable or obtainable yet, and are only obtainable with commands. To get all of them, type /function artifacts into chat.

Ice Wand: It will rapid fire powerful ice blocks at enemies, dealing 7 damage, may inflict slowness and doesn’t use any ammo!

Lightning Rod. It will rapid fire quick lightning bolts at enemies. Deals 5 damage and sets anything it hits on fire.

Corrupted Beacon. It’s a super effective weapon, that, while not dealing too much damage, is enough to stun enemies and push them back! This weapon rapid fires beams, these beams only do one damage, but unlike the Lightning Rod and Ice Wand they inflict a lot of knockback!

Deathcap Mushroom. This item will give you temporary speed boosts. Eat it to receive haste, speed and jump boost for 15 seconds!

Light Feather: As a result, “eat” this item to receive levitation for 10 seconds, and then slow falling and weakness for 30 seconds!

Shock Powder. “Eating” this item is faster then eating other items, similar to Dried Kelp, and will provide weakness, speed and mining fatigue effects for 10 seconds.

Soul Healer: “Eating” the Soul Healer will replenish some of your health.

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