Magic SpellBooks

Magic SpellBooks (1.16) Add-On

Magic SpellBooks

This Add-on adds 3 new ranged weapons and 10 new items/blocks to your world. Also, this Add-on is survival friendly and all items can be obtained without commands/creative.

There are three ores in this Add-on. They are Arcanium, Flamarium, and Sulferanium. They spawn in all overworld biomes in Y Levels between 25-64.

[Commands To Get With Cheats]

/give @s arcanium_ore

/give @s flamarium_ore

/give @s sulferanium_ore

[Commands To Get With Cheats]

First craft a Magic Book, this is obtained by combining diamonds and a book in a crafting table. This is used to craft the spells and is probably the most essential item in this Add-on.


[Commands To Get With Cheats]

/give @s cc:magic_book

Arcane Book
Commands To Receive: /give @s cc:arcane_spell

Flame Book
Commands To Receive: /give @s cc:flame_book

Explosive Book
Special Properties: Projectiles explode when in-contact with solid blocks. Won’t explode if projectile hits a mob. Made With: 4 Sulferanium And 1 Magic Book

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