Liveable Nether

Liveable Nether (1.16) Add-On

Liveable Nether

Minecraft’s 1.16 Nether Update, allows you to live in the nether, but what if you could spawn in the nether and play as if you were in the overworld? Start in the nether and get to the end. Oh like that idea? Well let me tell you more…
First off, you gonna need diamonds to get your sweet, sweet netherite! Well, you can now do it two ways, first way go to every nether fortress until you get enough diamonds to get a diamond pickaxe (which is an absolute pain), ore you can mine the new diamond ore that spawns in the nether!

Get excited because there is now a new block, give it up for… The Soul Soil Treasure!!! This block only spawns in the soul sand valley and spawns only where every there is soul soil. This is actually a pretty rare block. Mining the block will give you a random drop

Currently, the add-on does not take you directly to the nether, so if you decide to play the way this add-on was designed then you have to make a nether portal in creative and build the portal, go into the nether and turn yourself back into survival.

You must use cheats in order for the ores to spawn!

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