Keeper Creeper

Keeper Creeper (1.14 , 1.16) Add-On

Keeper Creeper

Keeper Creepers – creepers that you keep. And, we’ll make them very hard to find. And, harder to tame. Because if you want a pet that can blow your house to bits, you should have to work for it.

Well, you know what, they won’t blow your house to bits. They’ll actually fight for you! Just don’t light one with a flint and steel. Especially when it’s right next to your super duper XP farm. It won’t end well. Backup those worlds, people.

You can find these monsters (mostly) where you can find wolves. Taiga biomes. Tame them (haha) TRY to tame them with TNT blocks. You’ve got a 30 percent chance each TNT block. And less than a second to try it on. Blast Protection is not a bad idea….

You can also breed them! Give them some TNT, and you’ll have your very own, very cute, baby Keeper Creeper.

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