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Kantai Collection (1.14 , 1.16) Add-On

Kantai Collection

Remember to turn on “Experimental Gameplay” & Allow cheats.

Kantai Collection is a Japanese web browser game. It’s a story about “Kanmusu“(Ship Girls) fight against Abyssal Fleet.

Heavy Cruiser Zara Due
Health: 68/68
Equipped with 4x 203mm/53 Twin Gun Mount.

Aircraft Carrier Hiryu (飛龍)
Health: 67/67
She will stay sway from the abyssals. When she finds a target, she will summon Type 99 Dive bomber to attack enemies. The aircraft will live for 60 seconds and then disappear.

Battleship Bismarck Zwei
Health: 95/95
Equipped with 4x 38cm Twin Gun Mount Kai.

Boku Kawauso (I am otter)
Boku Kawauso is a mystery creature originally drawn by voice actor Uchida Shou. Later it became one of the mascots of the game.
Health: 99/99
He only walks around and kills monster. He will not help you.

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