Jungle Temple Escape!

Jungle Temple Escape! (1.16) Map

Jungle Temple Escape!

This is a minigame which takes place in an ancient jungle temple. There are several small challenges and plentiful of deadly traps which you have to complete in order to escape. Most of the dangers (such as traps) are automated by redstone and command blocks. The overall result is an intense and fun minigame which works really good for speedruns.

Creator: The_Redstoneer

How to play?
The main objective is simply to complete the challenges and find a way to get out of there alive. If you want to, you can choose to collect the emeralds. There are five emeralds in total.

The map is meant as a map to quickly speed through. Start a timer before heading into the temple and see if you can beat your (or a friend’s) record. The game starts as soon as you step on the emeralds.

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