Lost Weapons

Fury 16x (1.17 , 1.18 , 1.19) Texture

Fury 16x

Created By Chr7st

Fury 16x is a red/black/gold themed textured pack with a focus on PvP, however, it also has textures made for Minigames such as:
Bedwars, (Custom Bed Textures, Fireballs, Wool Block, Gold/Iron Ingots, etc.)
Treasure Wars, (Emeralds, Diamonds, Chainmail Armor, Snowballs, etc.)
Eggwars, (Custom Egg Texture, Steak, Golden Apple, Potions, etc.)
Other Highlights are a CUSTOM SKY, Ores with AND without Outlines, Custom Sounds, Unique Inventory & Button UI, PvP oriented Buttons, and SO MUCH MORE!

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