Flood Escape

Flood Escape (1.16) Map

Flood Escape

This is a parkour minigame where your objective is to get to the top of each floor, complete parkour challenges and solve puzzles to avoid the flood at all costs. It’s a real intense minigame where you’ll experience a constant struggle for time. However, since it uses some new features it’s only available for version 1.2 for Minecraft.

Creator: McMCPE1234

How to play?
The main objective is to avoid touching the floor because if you do then you’ll lose and have to start over. There is currently just one level, called “Factory”, but two more are expected to be released soon. In this one first level there are three separate floors of parkour and puzzles you must complete in order to escape the flood of water.

Lapis Blocks: Places a block that will help you advanced through the floor
Emerald Blocks: Opens a locked gate on an exit door

Around 20 seconds after you’ve started the water will start rising and you must quickly complete the level to avoid the water.

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