Fancy Furniture

Fancy Furniture (1.16) Add-On

Fancy Furniture

Firstly, and most importantly, we have a new salesman, Sven, who travels around birch forests with his moose selling all the latest Fancy Furniture you could ever want. Everyone give a warm greeting to Sven.

This furniture includes (and is limited to):
✅Outdoor speakers, loaded with awesome tunes from Patrick de Arteaga; see
✅Bar stools
✅Reclining lounge chairs (let’s be lazy)
✅Pedestal fans (to keep your desert houses nice and cool)
✅Office chairs (you want a red one, trust me)
✅Much more to come…..

To make the speakers play music, you need to ‘tame’ them with redstone. And then interact with them once to start the music and again to stop the music. There’s around 12 minutes of music for your listening pleasure. If you want to move it, just chop it up and it will drop a speaker spawn egg.

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