Facility Flee

Facility Flee (1.16) Map

Facility Flee

Facility Flee is a minigame recommended for 3 – 5 players. One will be the Beast and the rest of you will be Survivors whose main goal is to avoid the Beast and find a safe way out of the Facility. Survivors have the hardest (and sometimes most scary) objective as they have to be constantly on the lookout for the Beast who is out to get them.

Creator: RealDarken

How to play?
This minigame is recommended for 3 – 5 players. Before starting players will be able to choose whether they want to be a Survivor or the Beast. There can be just one Beast per round.

The Beasts and the Survivors will spawn on two different locations and they have each different goals.

Beast: Kill the survivors and let no one escape the facility
Survivor: Escape the facility and find the button button near the Beast’s spawn (it’s needed for escaping)
If the Survivors win then remove the key (button) which you placed next to the iron door. If the Beast won then type /kill to go back to spawn.

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