Extreme Wool Race Game

Extreme Wool Race Game (1.16) Map

Extreme Wool Race Game

Get some friends together and challenge them in an awesome wool race. It’s a competitive map which is best suitable for 2 – 4 players. Players must search tens of different chests to find their wool color and then fill them in a path of empty blocks. The first player to fill in their entire path is the winner. Even though it’s a quite basic minigame it’s really a whole lot of fun.

Creator: Kidsource

How to play?
There are detailed instructions in-game. However, it’s a quite basic game so it shouldn’t be any difficult getting started. Each player must choose and color and then they must fill a path with that color. The person who fills their entire path first is the winner.

There are three different game modes and they include easy, board game to an extreme free for all.

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