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Ender Elevators (1.16) Add-On

Ender Elevators

The Ender Elevators addon adds the new Enderporter and now Omniporter blocks to your Minecraft world.
The Enderporter will give you a fun new way to move around your base!

How to upgrade the Enderporter?
The Enderporter can be upgraded up to Mk5!

Enderporter – 16 blocks
MK2 – Iron – 32 blocks
MK3 – Gold – 64 blocks
MK4 – Diamond – 128 blocks
MK5 – Emerald – 256 BLOCKS!

Omega* – Netherite – 512 BLOCKS IN EACH DIRECTION!

*The Omegaporter can only be crafted with a MK5 Omniporter! The Omniporter is crafted with Enderporters!

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