ElytraElite: Carnival

ElytraElite: Carnival (1.16) Map

ElytraElite: Carnival

This is an elytra map with creations inspired by the Brazilian Carnival. Do you feel like celebrating? Then join the festivities in Minecraft (preferably with other players) and play this map. There are four levels included in the map and each level consists of enough challenges to make them both exciting and enjoyable to play.

Creator: MegaStriker (aka StrikerTeam)

How to play?
After you’ve spent some time marveling at the amazing creations around spawn then it’s time to begin. You can either play this map alone by yourself but it’s best played with other players.

Type the following text command to give all of the players elytra wings: /give @a elytra 1 1

There are four different levels which you can play. Step into the first level and then start a countdown from 5. While waiting, make sure you’ve equipped the wings otherwise you will fall into lava and die.

The objective is to get first to the finish. The player who has won the most levels is the winner.

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