Elite Structures (1.17 , 1.18 , 1.19 , 1.20) Add-On

Elite Structures

Created By Dream Pixel
⚠️Turn on experiments in map settings!

Are you tired of having to build an entire city block by block in minecraft? do you wish you could spawn structures instantly? well wish no more! with this addon you can spawn over 500+ different unique structures all from a touch of a button! this addon has all kinds of structures ranging from medieval castles and western shops to suburban skyscrapers, this addon has it all.

So how do i use it?
Simple, just download the addon and it should port directly to minecraft. after your done go to your world or make a new one, go to your behavior packs and enable the addon. after your done go to your chat and type the following command “/give @s structure_block”. once done it should appear in your inventory, place down the block and press load type in the id of any structures in this addon. once done press the load button bellow the preview and enjoy!

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