Dragon Block Saiyan Saga

Dragon Block Saiyan Saga (1.16) Add-On

Dragon Block Saiyan Saga

*Turn on Experimental Gameplay options

Creator added 20 New Mobs that can all spawn Naturally in the world, some more often than others, and all of them are unique to each other! Mob types include Masters, Allies and Enemies, Bosses, and Animals

Creator have collected over 85 Custom Items which can all be aquired in Survival mode and Creative. Some are common, such as Cutlass, and some are rare, like Roshi’s Kamehameha.

At the moment there are 2 methods for obtaining Dragon Balls. Trading and Defeating Enemies (Some enemies spawn less often than others, such as King Piccolo). Dragon Balls are used to create wishes, combine them together in a Crafting Table to create a Wish (Custom Item). The Wish combined with Wish Amplifiers will make the wish that you most desire.

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