Defensive Machines

Defensive Machines (1.16) Add-On

Defensive Machines

Defensive Machine Addon as the name says it defends you from Hostile Mobs. They protect the player from all types of mobs each defense have there own special powers. This addon brings Cannon Mortar Bomb Air Cracker Ignite Ignite Spell Air Bomb Mini Bomb and Lava Launcher

How Can We Get Them?
You can also get them in your spawn egg inventory.
Cannon – /give @s def:cannon
Mortar – /give @s def:mortar
Bomb – /give @s def:bomb
Air Cracker – /give @s def:air_cracker
Ignite Spell – /give @s def:ignite_spell
Air Bomb – /give @s def:air_bomb
Mini Bomb – /give @s def:mini_bomb
Lava Launcher – /give @s def:lava_launcher

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