DeathRun: Wild West

DeathRun: Wild West (1.16) Map

DeathRun: Wild West

DeathRun is a game where your fate on winning depends on how good you are at avoiding obstacles and traps. This is a multiplayer minigame where some of you will be runners and others will be the killers. It’s an extremely intense game and especially for the runners who are constantly threatened by different traps.

The project took nearly a month to complete and it includes lots of redstone, commands and beautiful terrain.

Creator: McMCPE1234

How to play?
There are two different roles and each role has a unique objective to complete.

The Runners are tasked to reach the finish but only one player can become victorious. It’s pretty much a “every man for himself” situation.
The Killers / Death are tasked to activate the traps that may interfere with the Runners’ path. The Killers / Death have no way or winning currently.

So far there are two different levels and they include Temple Madness and the Wild West (included Easter Egg and Secrets) More levels will be added in a future update.

New level (almost completed) called the Wild West
Repairs traps button on every level hub
Changed teleportation coordinates due to some teleports would would bring Killers/Death back to its place without touching the pressure plates
Hall of Fame area in the map room
Added saturation effect on Death/Killers

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