Cyberpunk 2077 Addon

Cyberpunk 2077 Addon (1.16) Add-On

Cyberpunk 2077 Addon

This add-on implements Cyberpunk 2077 into Minecraft! Drive a car, van, shoot with weapons or talk with Johnny Silverhand, V Male/V Female, Jackie Welles or Judy Alvarez.

Creator: Nogard (Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Facebook)

Quadra V-Tech
The Quadra V-Tech is probably the most iconic and best known car when it comes to the Cyberpunk 2077.

Another vehicle in this addon is the Van. It is intended to represent a Cyberpunk vehicle called the VILLEFORT COLUMBUS V340-F FREIGHT.

The addon currently contains 5 entities. All of these NPCs have an accurate skin to the original characters.

Melee Weapons
At the moment, Addon contains only 2 melee weapons, namely ARASAKA THERMAL KATANA and ELECTRIC BATON BETA. ARASAKA THERMAL KATANA in Minecraft replaces Netherite Sword and ELECTRIC BATON BETA replaces Stone Sword.

Ranged Weapons
The addon also contains 2 ranged weapons. Specifically, a shotgun called BUDGET ARMS CARNAGE and a M-10AF LEXINGTON pistol. The pistol replaces the bow and the shotgun replaces the crossbow.

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