Command Block Train

Command Block Train (1.16) Map

Command Block Train

This is a really cool redstone creation which lets you drive an old school train and all of it is made possible by command blocks. It’s very easy to get started as a train driver in Minecraft since all you will need to do is to stand on a pressure plate to make it move forward. It’s fairly limited currently as it can only move in one direction and the rails lasts only for 100-200 blocks.

Creator: umerkk164

How does it work?
Enter the locomotive and step on the pressure plate between the two other pressure plates. As soon you do that the train will move one block forward. However, before you can drive it you will need to replace the current pressure plate with a new stone pressure plate.

You will need to continue to step on the pressure plate to make it continue moving forward.

Someone needs to be standing on the pressure plate in order for the train to move. This means that you can’t really see it moving unless you have someone driving it.

The train will eventually arrive at a village which is the end train station. Currently there is no way to go back other than reinstalling the map.

Important: This map requires version 1.0.5 for Minecraft Pocket Edition.

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