Combat Plus+

Combat Plus+ (1.20) Texture

Combat Plus+

Created By FieryAbyss

Do you know the “Toolbelt mod” which is in minecraft java? that’s really cool isn’t it?

This resource pack is inspired by the Toolbelt mod, which will later give the player a belt, sword on the side of the player, bow, quiver, shield behind the player, etc.

Put the following items so that this resource pack can work!

Sword (will display the sword on the right side of the player)
Trident (player’s back)
Shield (player’s back)
Arrow = Quiver (player’s back)
Pickaxe & Axe (will display the bow/crossbow on the left side of the player)
Totem of Undying (will appear on the front belt)
Throwable items (will appear on the front belt)
Bow & Crossbow

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