Color Blocks

Color Blocks (1.16) Add-On

Color Blocks

Do you have the color you want in Minecraft? Let’s add Color Blocks Addon in such a case! This addon can add colorful 4096 colored blocks to the world of Minecraft.

The color of the block is indicated on the ID and block name.

The block Red,Green,Blue (00 – ff) of for each 16 phases, 4,096 (16x16x16) add a block.(Light version is 216 blocks.)

Crafting cobble stones and obsidian can make “#000000 block”.

To create each color block, you can increase the color level by using red dye, or green dye, blue dye and white dye.

Also, crafting with 8 white dyes results in “#000000 block”. Crafting with 8 black dyes will result in “#ffffff block”.

“#000000 block” has a shortcut recipe that allows you to skip stages with color blocks and 8 dyes (Useable dyes: red, green, blue, cyan, yellow, magenta).

“#ffffff block” can make a color block similar to colored wool with 4 dyes.

Because a huge number of blocks are added, it may not work properly or may be slow depending on your environment.

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