Cinematic Cameras

Cinematic Cameras (1.16) Add-On

Cinematic Cameras

Have you ever wanted a tool that you can use to create cinematic scenes? You’re in luck! This function pack/addon uses commands to add up to 4 billion cinematic scenes that you can use in whatever way you’d like!

This pack comes with plenty of commands that can be used to manipulate your cinematics.

function next_scene and function prev_scene
These commands are used to cycle through and create new scenes.

function play_scene
This command is used to play the current camera scene on the player the command is run as.

function stop_scene
This command is used to stop all playing camera scenes.

function show_scene and function hide_scene
Used to show and hide the particles on the selected scene.

function info
Displays the selected scene number, camera speed and number of checkpoints in the current scene.

function shortcuts
Gives spawn eggs that can be used as shortcuts to place checkpoints and anchorpoints.

function remove_last_checkpoint
Removes the last checkpoint placed in the selected scene.

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