Chunk Visualizer

Chunk Visualizer (1.17) Texture

Chunk Visualizer

Have you ever had a hard time finding chunks? Maybe you wanted to know if your build is on a chunk border. Ever wanted to know What chunmk your in? This pack can help you with all of those! Displaying a Chunk Map, Chunk Indicator, and Chunk Coordinates.

Chunk Map:
The Chunk map is a Map that will render in the hud similar to a minimap but instead of terrain or players it renders chunks, and displays a red marker indicating the player

Chunk Indicator:
Shows chunk edges and chunk corners when your on a chunk corner or edge, this is a little indicator incase you cant find the chunk edge or corner on the Chunk Map

Chunk Coords:
Displays your coordinates in chunks, 16 in the x plane equals 1 in the x plane for Chunk Coords:

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