Chiseled Me PE

Chiseled Me PE (1.16) Add-On

Chiseled Me PE

This mod allows you to resize in Minecraft (as in the movie “Ant-Man”).

If after installation you do not have new features, this mod may conflict with others. Try to leave only this mod.

You can decrease up to 128 times, increase up to 32 times (if you decrease too much, bugs can occur).

In order to decrease it is necessary to use the call egg: press RMB, hold the mouse (on the phones press the “Ride” button) next to the suit. You can return to normal size using the Shift key.

The stronger you decrease, the less hostile mobs will attack you, the slower you will move and dig blocks.

Decreasing by 2 times, you can climb through slots the size of 1 block

Increase and decrease mobs (in development)
For this function, you must enable the experimental mode.

You can increase or decrease mobs with Pim particles. You can buy them from a villager (Weapon Smith) or give yourself by a command:

Pim particles that reduce:

/give @s antman:pim_shrinker_essence_(increase)x

Pim particles that increase:

/give @s antman:pim_big_essence_(increase)x

Instead of (increase) or (decrease), substitute the number by which you want to reduce or increase yourself.

Mobs can be increased up to 16 times and reduced to 128 times.

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