ChestGenerator (1.16) Add-On


ChestGenerator is a function pack designed to generate chests. It can generate loads of unique chests. This tool is perfect if you want to create Skywars, or Survival Games in your realms! ChestGenerator doesn’t just come with chest generation tools though, it has settings, netherite items and I’m listening to the community for updates. (Most of what is added is based on the community’s opinions)

Here is how to install ChestGenerator to your world.

Step 1. Install ChestGenerator
Step 2. Make a world (Or enter one you’ve already made)
Step 3. Enable the function pack in your “Behaviour Packs” section
Step 4. Go to the bottom of the “Game” section and turn on “Activate Cheats”
Step 5. Enter your world
Step 6. Give yourself a command block with /give @s command_block
Step 7. Go into gamemode creative with /gamemode 1
Step 8. Place a command block and right click it.
Step 9. Press the square + icon to the left of the Command Input. Now, if you’d like to use the skywars variant, do /function skywarsvariant/. However, if you’d like to use the survival games variant, do /function survivalgamesvariant/
Step 10. Double press the ESC key on the top left of your keyboard.
Step 11. Now, spawn a pig.
Step 12. Finally, power the command block.
Step 13. Go to where you spawned the pig. You should find a completely random chest generated with this addon.

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