Butchery Addon

Butchery Addon (1.14) Add-On

Butchery Addon

This addon makes harvesting meat from animals a lot harder than it was before. You can no longer just hit a cow a few times and get meat that you can easily cook in any furnace. It adds more tools, a new death system, and a new machine thing.

To get meat you have to first get raw meat. To get raw meat you need to kill an animal, like you regularly would. As of right now this addon only supports cows (beef), pigs (porkchops), sheep (mutton), chickens (chicken), and rabbits (rabbit).

After you kill the animal, you will get a dead variant of whatever animal it was. If you kill the dead animal, you will get nothing, so don’t try. You need the two new tools added into this addon, the Knife (see below) and also the Cleaver (also see below). First you need to use the knife on the animal to get a skinned animal carcass.

Once you skin the animal it will drop some items depending on the animal. Cows drop 4-6 leather, sheep drop 1 wool, chickens drop a few feathers, and pigs drop nothing. After the animal has been skinned it is ready to be cut up. You need to use the cleaver on it 3 times, and it drops 1-2 meat per cut.

The Meat Chiller and the Chiller Crate
To chill the meat in this addon you need to get the machine-ish thing called the Meat Chiller. You can get the Meat Chiller by crafting the Chiller Crate and then breaking it.

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