Boat Racing

Boat Racing (1.16) Map

Boat Racing

This is a boat racing minigame which takes place on the ice and is in that sense not that different from bobsledding. The friction on ice is much less than on water and this makes it possible for the boat to reach a much greater speed. But the faster you go the more difficult it gets to control the boat. It’s a really fun and intense minigame to play in multiplayer.


How to play?
You can receive a boat in-game by pressing on a button. Enter out on the ice and place down the boat. Then line up in front of the start line and pull the lever to begin the race.

The track is quite small but you can decide on going multiple laps.

Use the left and right controller keys (if you are on a smartphone/tablet or A & D if you are on Windows 10) to speed up the boat.

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