Bits and Bytes Teleporters

Bits and Bytes Teleporters (1.16 , 1.16 Beta) Add-On

Bits and Bytes Teleporters

*At the moment, you’ll need to enable Holiday Creator Features for this add-on to work.

This add-on adds color-coded teleporter blocks that can be used to quickly move mobs, items, or yourself through a local area at any y-level.The teleporters in this add-on can reach a 180×180 area going from y = -64 all the way up to y = 320, and they can be color-coded too so you can have multiple teleport paths!

After a teleporter has been crafted, place it in the world and use a dye to assign it a color. Once that is done, you can go back and forth between another teleporter of the same color! Teleporters can move players, mobs, and items. They can be re-programmed at any time, just use a different colored dye.

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