Better Glass (1.19 , 1.20) Texture

Better Glass

Created By TheLake

The “Better Glass” texture pack completely revamps the appearance of glass blocks in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, offering you 3 unique subpack choices.

Clear Glass: With the Clear Glass option, only the edges of the glass blocks are retained, while the rest becomes entirely transparent. This creates a bright and airy atmosphere for the interior of your buildings. If you prefer a minimalistic and modern look, this option is perfect for you!

🔷 Connected Borderless Glass: Connected Borderless Glass removes the edges of the glass, leaving the rest of the texture intact. This option provides a seamless look between glass panels and adds a touch of sophistication to your structures. If you desire sleek and uninterrupted glass panels, this is the choice for you!

🔷 Fully Clear Glass: The Fully Clear Glass option makes your glass blocks entirely transparent based on the color they are connected to. This enhances the visibility of the exteriors from the interior spaces, making your buildings more immersive and detailed. This option is particularly useful for showcasing architectural projects.

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