Ares-I – Mission to Mars

Ares-I – Mission to Mars (1.16) Map

Ares-I – Mission to Mars

This is the sequel to Apollo 18, Return to the Moon! This time you’re going to an entire different planet known as Mars. Just some interesting facts. Ares is the name of an actual NASA program for going to Mars but it was cancelled due to budget constraints by President Obama. Also, Ares is the Greek name for Mars. Anyways, this map simulates a Mars mission in Minecraft!

Creator: Schleid

It’s really easy to get started. Just read the signs, open chests and read any books you come across. It’s much more than just a game as you will actually learn some things as well.

Note from the creator:

There are some issues, primarily caused by bugs from the Bedrock Update. I have done my best to mitigate these. One is where the texture pack doesn’t load, but you can tell if this happens if the signs look normal and a simple reload of the world is all that is needed to fix, this should only happen when the game starts if ever. Another which I have experienced, but not while actually playing through, is where you exit the world multiple times (before launching the rocket) and spawn in the ISS, but again I never experienced this while playing thru, only building.

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