A Wild West Themed Resource Pack

A Wild West Themed Resource Pack (1.18) Texture

A Wild West Themed Resource Pack

Created By GroundBeef Enterprises

The Horse Keeper resource pack is a wild west themed resource pack. This pack adds weapons and equipment that were used in western times. Adds new models and texture to the game. Not only weapons and equipments, this pack adds some structures as well.

Single-Action Revolver (retextured bow)
Double-Barreled Shotgun (retextured crossbow)
Pitch pork (retextured trident)
Lasso (retextured fishing rod)

Achieved by renaming the armor stand Piano (you can play it by posing the armor stand)

Easter Egg:
if you name a horse “unicorn”, it’ll turn into a unicorn

Strawhat (retextured leather helmet)
Fancy Green hat with feather (retextured chain helmet)
White hat (retextured iron helmet)
Rich man’s hat (retextured gold helmet)
Cowboy hat brown (retextured diamond helmet)
Cowboy hat black (retextured netherite helmet)

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