3D Mobs for Bedrock (1.14) Texture

3D Mobs for Bedrock

This pack makes 13 different mobs look more 3-D. It includes creepers, skeletons, husks, and many more! Keep in mind that i will be improving the pack and adding more mobs every once in a while. If you see any thing that looks broken or unfinished comment and I will fix it. Also note that the texture pack might not work if it isn’t first priority.

Mob Changes-
-Skeleton, Wither Skeleton, And Stray- Added 3-D Rib Cage and Skull (Can change skull to be completely hollow by pressing the gear on the texture pack)(You may also have to restart your game it to apply.)

-Creeper- Added 3-D Face
-Bee- Added 3-D Legs, stinger, and antennae.
-Husk- Added Brain and Mouth
-Shulker- Added 3-D shell
-Chicken- Added 3-D feet
-Cow- Added 3-D udders and ears
-Snow Golem- Added 3-D buttons and improved face (while sheared)
-Spider- Added more realistic pose
+ Also made shield handle 3-D and Arrow 3-D.

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